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Albert – Dec 26, 2020

DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCAMMERS! I saw the advertisement online to try 1 of these keto bottles for free and only pay shipping. After I entered my payment information I had a bad feeling about this but there was no email confirmation and no way to go back to cancel. I received TWO bottles in a little box and was charged TWO shipping charges! Then I discoveredthat you HAVE to be on the keto diet in order to take these pills, which I am not. So I didn’t open them and when I saw my credit card bill there were TWO additional charges for almost $100 each! When I called them they said the 2wk trial period had expired (THERE WAS NO MENTION OF THIS WHEN I GOT SUCKER IN) and they were going to be nice enough to refund $80. ARE YOU KIDDING? I wrote to BBB requesting a full investigation. Looks like they are already aware of it. Hope they get HEAVILY FINED.

Ashley – Dec 14, 2020

Total fraud company…unauthorized charge. Report them to the State of Florida Attorney General’s office and the FTC immediately!

Chase – Dec 13, 2020

I found a charge on my bank account for 99.00! Which I am certain I did not authorize. I will be putting a stop on it tomorrow and hopefully get this settled!

Anne – Dec 04, 2020

Same as all of the above. watch the charges on your bank statement.

Philip – Nov 17, 2020

I am a 66-year-old who is filing a consumer complaint for fraud committed by Trendsetter (Number One Keto). On April 26, 2020 I ordered two bottles, one named NutraDetox ($6.82) and the other NutraKeto ($6.84). On May 13, 2020 according to instructions received from “Samantha at (833) 781-6510” I mailed the unused portions of the product as she advised for the trial period. The product was returned to the address provided in Brandon, FL to include RMA and EA Product designation. I was told that upon receipt the billing would stop, however the company continued to bill me at NutraDetox ($89.82) and NutraKeto ($89.84), totaling $179.66 a month, through September 2020. I did not receive any more products after the May return until September at which time, I filed a complaint. After filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on September 10,2020 the company stopped billing on September 24, 2020 for the NutraDetox but billed $89.84 for the NutraKeto. Although I returned the product on May 13th, I received another package of the product in September forwarded to a new mailing address in Riverview, Florida. I received an email notification on September 24th stating the account was closed and there would be no further billing. However, on November 16th I received yet another package. Today November 17th, I spoke with representative Clau and Xavier, Account Supervisor at (833) 781-6510 ext. 6015. The Account Supervisor offered partial reimbursement on a service that I discontinued May 2020 and of which I have only been in receipt of one package which was returned May 2020 and now I am in possession of another package in which I intend to return. There are a number of complaints against this company which has no website and has created difficulty in getting the situation resolved. I explained to Xavier that to resolve this issue, I want a complete refund in the amount of $628.82, for June ($179.66), July ($179.66), August ($179.66), and September ($89.84). I have filed a complaint with Florida’s Attorney General Office.

Ricky – Nov 16, 2020


Grant – Nov 14, 2020

Scammer’s phone 18444267327

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Phone

My husband got me pills to surprise me he read he was only paying 7.82 for shipping and handling for 2 bottles. Didn’t have them for 2 weeks and 99.82 was taken out of my card for a membership. I called told them I wanted my money put back in my card and was told no since I didn’t cancel my membership in time. It’s a scam I wan my money pills don’t even work told them I would return the pills they said no because they were open.

Maria – Nov 14, 2020

My husband ordered the pills and was told just to pay shipping and handling of 7.92 for 2 bottles getting them free come to find out 99.82 was taking out of my card for a membership that we aren’t even on. Called told them I would return the pills wanting my money they said no because we had already opened them up. It’s a scam I want my money or I’m making a complaint to the BBB.

Drew – Nov 03, 2020

I ordered what was to be a complete free trail. Received the keto pills and detox pills but no receipt or other information with this product. Within 14 days my account was charged $99.82 for keto pills and $99.84 for detox pills. I called number and representative states that it was legal and I should have was I to know. Asked to speak to manager at first said no manager available, said manager authorized $40 returned I declined stating I wanted full refund, placed on hold “manager Jordan ” comes online states will do refund of $140 advised manager I wanted full refund because was not authorized, I was hung up on. Tried to call back and call would not go through.

Peter – Oct 14, 2020

They’ve been charging my 82 year old mother for 3 months & I have yet to reach a human being. Hopefully, I can send the bank after them & get her money back! This company has supplied 5 different phone numbers that all go back to 1 freaking answering machine with a “full” inbox! Someone needs to file a Class Action Lawsuit against these people & stop them from importing this product into the US!

Janelle – Sep 20, 2020

I purchased free trial and then today 14 days later i was charged $99 per transaction, 2 transactions. When i bought it, I received nothing about having to cancel a membership, also never received an email or receipt for the transaction, which is illegal! We should be offered a receipt for all credit card transactions. They offered me a total of $80 refund I told them I wanted there legal number and she said no she was the best person to handle my issue! They need stopped

Cassie – Sep 18, 2020

( Free trail) number one natra/number one keto It’s a scam! Stick to your gun and insists on a full refund after all said and done thay told me they would refund in full.It took 4 phone calls and a 3 way with my bank to get it done.

Leslie – Sep 15, 2020

I also signed up for a “free” trial and 14 days later was charged 99.84. I paid shipping for my free trial and didn’t see anything about needing to cancel or I would be charged 99.84. I hadn’t even tried to product so I offered to send it back for a full refund and they said no. The customer service rep was not kind and said there wasn’t anything she could do!

Caleb – Aug 21, 2020

I guess if you got a $90 refund then you did better than I did. I was told I would get $80. When I asked the representative at 844-669-7804 exactly who I was speaking with he got rather irritated. I wanted to know if I was speaking to the actual company that produces this product. I was finally able to learn they are a third party company located in the Phillipines. He would not tell me who (the owner) is that is giving them the authorization to scam people with their product. I told the guy that it sounds like they are running a scam over there and I will be doing more on my end to report what they are doing.

Shane – Jul 31, 2020

Read about this product on line. It said free trial – pay for shipping fees. Nothing about monthly charges. I saw two charges on my card – one for $89.84 and one for $89.82. Called the company (3rd party customer support) and she refunded $80 and cxld my “membership”. They need to be stopped. I’m pretty on line ‘savvy’, so if I can get duped, imagine how many aren’t noticing the charge on their accounts. Please shut them down, or make them be more transparent with their ‘product’.

Brandi – Jul 29, 2020

Received the trial bottle a few days ago without any paperwork included…suspicious. Thinking about other TV ‘trial’ offer scams I attempted to contact the support website which didn’t load. Then I came upon this site of complaints so knew I had to act fast before my credit card was charged. I was able to talk to a rep at 855.404.1907. Asked to cancel any membership/subscription. Was told it was done and if I wanted to actually try the product he could extend the trial period for additional week. Was also assured there would be no charge on my card. Stay tuned…

William – Jul 23, 2020

Scammer’s phone 855-404-1907/844-431-1684

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 1315 Oakfield Dr. 4380

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I ordered the introductory product at the sale price of $29.95 per bottle and was charged $89.82. The following month I received another shipment on auto pay from $89.84. When I called the toll-free numbers I am directed to a third-party who says the number I am dialing is no such company. How can I resolve this issue and get my refund?

Jorge – Jun 27, 2020

When I ordered this supplement, there was no information given whatsoever about paying more for these items or a subscription. I mean nothing, not even some fine print. There was only the shipping charge, get it as a free trial, pay no more than that. The original email I received also had no more information than the order number, shipping and billing information. It says that I will receive a confirmation email when the order has shipped. I never received any such email. It also stated that the charge on my billing statement will appear as xxxxx.

I was charged $6.82 by BEYONDLIMITZULTRADETOX, and $6.84 by BEYONDLIMITFITNESSKETO on 6/7/20. A FL number, 844-669-7804, is also listed with each of the charges on my credit union statement.

The items came in the mail with absolutely no writing on the box other than addresses. There was no written information accompanying the bottles. They are labeled as Number One Detox and Number One Keto from the Albuquerque, NM company Number One Nutra.

On 6/24/20 my credit union account was charged $89.82 by Beyond Limits Detox and $89.84 by Beyond Limits Keto, both listed as above on my account. I have no information about what these charges are for nor any information about subscribing to something. I never authorized these charges to my account. There is no website for this product, only a vitamin store website for Number One Nutra. The product is very hard to pin down on this website. I called the number on the bottle, 855-404-1907, to dispute the charges that I did not authorize. The woman I spoke to was very calm and patient as she explained to me that I would receive $45 refunded for each bottle, for a total of $90 refunded. I received confirmation emails cancelling my subscription and notifying me of the refund. Again, there was no written language in the original email stating that there would be additional charges, nor was there an opportunity for me to agree that I had a subscription to this product. I was literally forced to subscribe to something without my knowledge.

When I explained to the woman on the line that I wanted a full refund of the product and in fact another customer had received $150, or $75 refunded for each bottle, I was disconnected.

This product was also advertised as the Shark Tank #1 Keto Weight Loss.

Dominic – Jun 24, 2020

Pretty much same story as above. I managed to only get $80.00 credit back with a confirmation # that hopefully isn’t a fake? I asked for the supervisor, but was told that the best they could do! I proceeded to tell them what an inferior product they were scamming people with, and my lawyer was going to get involved! I then called my credit card company, but there is nothing they can do for me… Should have used my Capitol one card dangit, they would have disputed it for me!

Sergio – Jun 22, 2020

I ordered the free trial of this product and paid the 6.95 shipping fee and the product was free. There was no indication anywhere that I was signing up for a membership or that I had to call to cancel within 14 days or be charged 39.99. When I called, they cancelled any “future” shipments but would not refund the 39.99 they charged me saying that this fee was in the “terms and conditions” (which we didn’t see anywhere in their advertising). This company is a joke and a fraud. BEWARE!

Karl –

I received my pills on the 10th of June and (ordered June 4th) and called today the 21st because they charged me over 180 for the two bottles of that do not work. I called to cancel and they said I had to have cancelled within 14 days (which would have been the 18th) I said that was not fair because I did not have the pills in had for 14 days for a real trail. She said we allow 3 days shipping plus 14 days but, we will give you a $40 refund and stop the auto ship. I said no I want to talk to a supervisor. She said the supervisor would offer no more as they allowed for a 14 day trial. I explained that the shipment arrived on the 10th and a “trial” could only happen when a product was in hand which gave me until the 24th to cancel. She offered $50 I asked for a supervisor and told her this was fraud, she offered $60 I asked for the supervisor and told her they would be reported to the atty. general. She offered $70 and I said I had time to hold for a supervisor, that I had a copy of the contract showing a 14 day trial period and I was under the 14 day time period and would not agree to less than 100% refund. I got 100%. Stand your ground.

Olivia –

This web site is very deceiving, This product said you would get a free trial for just the shipping fees, there was no disclaimer that a monthly or recurring charge would be applied for Number One Keto and a Detox. 2 weeks after accepting the free trial offer my card was charged for almost $180.00 ($89.82 for one and $89.84 for the other). I tied to access the web site, but couldn’t.
I called the # that appeared on my bank statement. I told the lady I called to inquire about the outrageous charges. She said I had only 14 days to try the products and then return them if not satisfied. I told her there was not anything that said this She said they would refunded me $40.00 for each product. I feel that they should have refunded me the full price, 14 days is definitely not enough time to see if the products worked. The products did not work for me.

Terry –

I want my money back! I didn’t agree to pay for a subscription. I just wanted to try it once. It didn’t say I was getting a subscription. I looked everywhere to see if it said anything about a subscription and it didn’t.

Toni –

Be aware of this company because it’s a false advertisment and they are a fraud I was charge a $180.00.
for these number one keto pills. There was no disclaimer stating that you have to call 14/15 days to cancel a membership. What membership are they taliking about? I never signed up for a membership.
I was to pay $6.95 for shipping and handling for these pills that were suppose to be free.
When I called to inquire why I was being charge a $180.00 the representative was trying to tell me what I read and signed up for. I told him dont’t you dear tell me what I read and sign up for. I ask to speak to a supervisor, I was placed on hold for 15 minutes. then the rep. came back and said all the supervisors were busy. I told him you get me someone in charge or they will hear from my lawyer. I also told them that I was calling the state general attorney and the BBB service. Finally he said I can refund you back $50. I told him why should I pay for something that I didnt order. I said im reading you complaints and they are all complaing about the same thing so how can you tell me I dont know what im saying or talking about. He then finally said
the best I can to do for you is refund you back $75.00 per bottle. So I said I wanted a full refund and he said he couldnt refund me the whole amount. So I excepted the $150
offer. In conclusion please be aware of this company and other companies like them that advertise these false statements . Because they are fraudulent
and put out false advertismen and take your money illegally.

Philip –

Please cancel my. Membership. I will not pay for anymore and will report you to the Attorney General for investigation

Omar –

I too had the same experience. The so called free Number One Keto and the Number One Detox. I received at bill for about $180 for the two bottles. I called when I received another shipment of both pills. I didn’t even open the box they were in and was told no full refund. I was told I would receive a refund of $60 per bottle so I ended up paying $60 for pills I did not order. I was told it was in the terms and conditions. I read them and at the time there was no language saying you would be charged for the full cost of the pills and it would be an automatic refill type of deal. I will see if I actually get the refund.

Adrian –

Typical scam/ripoff. After paying $6.98 s/H/ for “free” Keto pills I was later charged $89. When I called to cancel my “subscription” I was told they would only refund $40 because it was after the date when I should have notified them. There was no information to that effect in the ad.

Brandy –

I too was scammed by these people. As stated in earlier complaints, product stated free trial just pay shipping and handling, there was no disclaimer on a monthly charge or disclaimer that stated if you didn’t like the product in 2 week you would be charged full price, both bottles almost $180 dollars. When I called to dispute the charges and talk to a manager to state there was nothing ever stating 2 week trial period, I was basically hung up on. When I called back I got a different person who stated they would refund half my charges since I already used the product. I explained to the rep I was told it was a 30 day free trial how was I not suppose to open it. These people are frauds. I never did get a confirmation on at least half my refund because I was hung up on again. Typical bait and switch. No emails or disclaimers were ever stated about cancelling in 2 weeks or get charged full amount.

Brianna –

Victim Location 92397

Total money lost $89.84

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This product said you would get a free trial for just the shipping fees, there was no disclaimer that a monthly or recurring charge would be applied. 2 weeks after accepting the free trial offer my card was charged for almost $90. I tried calling the # that appeared on my card statement, and when I asked what the company name was I was hung up on (TWICE)! I waited until the next business day to call again, and they still refuse to disclose their company name or discuss refunds OR cancellations unless I supply my card # and more personal information so they can charge my card MORE $ for a "free" gift card. I am currently trying to dispute the charges with my bank

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