Nicholas – Aug 01, 2020

Victim Location 37209

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The call displayed on two different cell phones simutaneaously. The caller then left several messages each more threatening than the previous.

She states: she calling and leaving a message to "let me know that I will need to contact an 888 telelphone number before an open investigation begins. the caller stated her name as Chrystal Sanchez and then stated 10 digits numbers stating this number is the number of a file for the case. My relative answered her phone and the caller stated I will need to call the 888 number or Better get your attorney if I knew what was best for me. The caller did not state she was a collections agent nor the call verification spill that debt companies state. She was evil. Very harrasing and completely calm, As if she was controlling an investigation with a file number. I went durong COvid19 directly to the local police station and contacted the ScamPulse.com who confirmed the calls were SCAMS. The local police department stated to contact the non emergency number to file an official report. The caller has call three additional times since threatening to come to my place of employment. After visiting the police station after work, the police stated not to answer the call and to try to file a report by phone, The calls that came on different cell phones at the same time was proof enough this person is a scammer. BEWARE of 6152708121 numbers with a call location of Clarksville Tennessee. The area code for Clarksville is 931 not 615 so clearly desperate individuals do desperate things to get attention.

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 23005

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A person contacted me at work stating that they were from the fraud department of an agency working for CASHNET USA. She asked if police had been to my job or home looking for me because I had committed fraud. Essentially she stated that when I signed the contract and then changed checking accounts that I committed fraud and this was a felony bad check charge and I would go to jail. She also stated that my job would be contacted as well. When I refused to give my information, she became nasty and said she would see me in court. I contacted the police department.

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