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Tiffany – Jun 23, 2020

Victim Location 98248

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hello Nootropictech,

I had ordered your 30 day free trial of MindTech and CBDTech Capsules. I was very disappointed to discover at the bottom of the page, after I had paid for shipping, that I had actually enrolled in a subscription of over $80.00 per month. I am very disappointed that this “enrollment” was never mentioned prior to paying for the shipping of the FREE Trial.

When I called the number given to cancel my subscription AT ANY TIME, the number given 1-888-717-8578, claimed to not have any association with your company. I was given the number 1-888-915-4174 as the new number to call by the auto-answer service. I was then given the number 1-888-915-4179, by an actual person at the 1-888-915-8578 number. When I called the 1-888-915-4179 number they were too busy to answer my call. When I called the 1-888-915-4174 number I did talk to a live person.

When I expressed my frustration about your sales techniques and requested my “subscription” be cancelled immediately, they did not want to comply with my request. They did offer me a discount, and did tell me once I received my FREE Trials, I could jump through all of the hoops, like mail back the bottles…, and THEN I could cancel my “subscription”. So, it appears, the CANCEL AT ANY TIME by CALLING (a wrong number) statement is not accurate.

I also tried to get names of the companies I was talking to, and the company they represented. I got the first name of the individual I talked to originally, Kate, but no one else was willing to provide any names. When a person, or company, is not even willing to give out their name, that says a lot, and none of it good.

Eventually, I was told that my “order/subscription” XXXXXXXX has been cancelled, as I was unwilling to accept a discount, or having to mail items back… in order to get out of a monthly “subscription” I was never told about.

I will be passing on my experience with your company, with everyone I can (my credit card company and the being the first 2). I can only guess that your product(s) do not work, or you would not have to go to such lengths to mislead people into buying them.

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