Nara Agency Inc

Carrie – Jul 08, 2020

Victim Location 10312

Total money lost $1,850

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted through email by [email protected] for a financial analyst internship at Elliott Management Corporation on June 30. I was told to download the Wire Messenger app for an interview. I proceeded with the interview and was contacted through email on July 1 with a fake offer saying I had been selected for the internship. I signed and returned an internship offer letter that included my name, phone number, address, date of birth, email address, and school name on July 2. On July 2 I was emailed a check for $2000 for "Pre-Internship" Training Materials from [email protected] The check was funded by Nara Agency Inc. Noah Agency Inc. expense account with address 734 Bergen BLVD Ridgefield NJ 07657. I mobile deposited this check into my bank account through my *********¬†Mobile Banking app and was sent confirmation of the check deposit from my bank on July 2. On July 3, through the wire app I was first told to transfer $1850 to [email protected] through Zelle. I was unable to do so and instead was told to transfer $1850 directly to a bank account with the following information:

Bank Name: St. Louis Community Credit Union

Acc Name: Deborah Price

Acc #: 3466510

Routing #: 281082423

Address: 2808 St. Charles Rock Road, MO 63115

I transferred the money and was sent confirmation by my bank that the transfer had gone through on July 3. On July 5 when I had not received any further messages on the Wire app or through email I realized this was a scam. On July 7, the mobile check deposit I had made into my account had bounced due to insufficient funds. I had lost the money I transferred and the check I was sent and initially deposited had gone bad. In conclusion, I was led to believe that I was offered an internship position at Elliott Management Corporation. Instead, I was tricked by scammers pretending to be Elliott Management Corporation.

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