Mayra – Jul 27, 2020

Victim Location 30720

Type of a scam Other

**Reporting for SECOND website**

When using Google to search "Cricut," cheap Cricut products will pop up in the Google Shopping area. One of them was an $89 Cricut that steals the Cricut logo under the URL "" One can only buy under $100 worth of product (so only one item), and the transaction went through to a PayPal account. Originally, the price was at $83, but it had charged $95.40. The item had said to shipped out the day after under the USPS system; however, the Tacking Number was an old number that had already been delivered. PayPal provided an email address for the seller, yet there has still be no response concerning the order. Recently, I discovered another website that goes by "" and is an exact replication of "" I will be posting this website as well. Stay safe!

*Newest update, this person has created a THIRD website, another replication of the "" and "" listed as "" I will be reporting this website as well.

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