Mystery or Secret Shopper Reviews - Mystery or Secret Shopper Scam or Legit

Daisy –

Victim Location 33602

Type of a scam Employment

2nd Complaint: Ref to Ref # 33602 for 1st Complaint :

2nd Complaint additional Information for uploading check

Ref # for c/o will be 33602 this way you ref to 2nd image I will be uploading for check: Received check via USPS tracking # 9405501699230137438038 from mystery or secret shopper from Walgreen requesting me to deposit funds in my checking account and pay myself $400, then use the funds to purchase gifts cards from Walmart, add $500 to each card. After purchasing card notify at [email protected] assignment done. Mark Scott signature on 2nd page of the letter for information, not upload 2nd page. Please adjust image uploading capabilities to upload multiple documents. Need to upload checks too. Check: Remitter name is Cerissa C Hinson #’s 003311228 (not sure about this number), 281082423 ( I think is the routing # – it has 9 numbers) 27405034 (this could be the account number. I will open new complaint and upload check.

Received another USPS package w/ date of 12/7/17, tracking # 9405501699320141476279 this time they used my name and address and sent a check of $1820 to Janetan Derson in asking her to be Shopper. I did not send this to her and don’t know this person. But they used my address it can back to me as Return To Sender. Name on the letter for Project Manager is Kathy Henry. I did cash either check one is in my name and the other is someone else name. Check #’s 11125240, 053200983, 2200830098. Remitter: Name is Caleb L Creel.

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