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Chelsea –

Victim Location 28078

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I wanted to make it known that this Website is a scam. I almost fell victim. I

I was looking for a Corgi dog for my kids but the usual price is at least $1000.00.

I found this website advertising a Corgi ,either male or female for $400.00 (Usually females are a bit more expensive.)

This site mentioned that the puppies have been house trained beginning at 3mo, will come w/Vet certificate, shots, a bag of food for 1 week and a crate and will mailed to the airport to your house.

I had placed an order for a male Corgi named Theiry.

They had asked how I would like to pay; PayPal or Walmart.

I selected PayPal and when I entered in the comment box; for a puppy to be delivered on 12/24-Charlotte Airport with my address on it, they

resent the payment back to me saying they are not able to receive the money b/c of the comment I made on the Comment box.

So, I resent it again (the payment), but this time without the comment to be delivered on 12/24,but I still had my home address in the box.

They again immediately sent payment back saying that because of the address I had placed, they are not able to get their money.

So,I sent the payment again ,this time w/o the address or the comment on theComment box.

The payment initially, went thru, then they called me saying that they will not be able to get their money for 21 days (as PayPal had noticed they sent the payment back) and instead wanted me to go to Walmart and do a Money gram w/cash.

It was at this time, that I had a bad feeling that this was not right.

The guy then called (had a foreign accent) and then said ;try PayPal again and insist that payment is for a friend (not a business)

He texted me several times-w/misspellings.

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