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Erica –

Victim Location 38104

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

this guy friended me on Facebook and on messenger I asked him who was our mutual friend cuz it said we had one he said I don’t know are you a fan of my company? I said what’s the name of your company he said my deals and your a winner the next day he asked me to send him my mobile number so that he can text me because he couldn’t do certain things on Facebook I gave it to him he called me tell me I don’t want to live in point five in dollars a Range Rover and I know it’s paid Cruise but I needed to pay the taxes on the money they had sponsors to cover 95.9% of taxes the 4.1% I would have to cover myself then when I told him that was a lot of money to go ahead and get those sponsors to pay it for me and I would reimburse them and give them in dollars he said I would have to pay a small amount in my name at least $500 I said yeah I bet I will he said to you take this for a joke I said to you take me for a fool

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