Municiple Crt of Santa Ana Reviews - Municiple Crt of Santa Ana Scam or Legit

Dominic –

Victim Location 97111

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My senior parents are receiveing bogas phones calls from an "Attorney" Angela Vidaga who only will identify herself to Spanish speaking individuals. She is attempting to collect on an order of viagra pills that were "previously ordered" almost a year ago; however, never paid. She is charging $7000 in damages, but refuses to send any documentation of any legal actions taken against them. In the processes, she is harrassing my parents into attemting to settle the case out of court for a lesser fee of $5000 and she will also "kindly" drop the " court ordered" community service of 8 days. She states that she is calling from a Municiple Crt in Los Angeles, but there is no one that speakes English, and if you attempt to ask any questions regarding the matter in Spanish she becomes agressive and rude and hangs up instead of "resolving" the issue. I also contacted the this person and spoke in English and she the individual who answered the phone would not identify herself or the company in which I was calling. Additionally, she is fasley using the the sherrifs address which the Orange County of Ca stated was untrue and directed me to file a scam report with the BBB.

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