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Haley –

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was approached via an online dating site jswipe an app for smartphones prior to July 22, 2016. Used whats app app since July 26, 2016. Pretended to be an engineer with offshore business dealings. Delayed meeting with stories but professed his love and serious intentions for me and then went to Saudia Arabia when finally agreeing to meet me. He wanted money from me to buy a high pressure pump over $3000 US because his current pumps and equipment which was shipped from Etobicoke ON to Saudia Arabia wasn’t suitable for the job while he was on an oil rig in Saudia Arabia. He asked me to communicate with the American Pump Company while he was on the rig negotiate ways to pay for this pump initially via credit card which the company doesn’t accept and why he wanted me to inquire how to pay for it doesn’t make sense so i questioned him. Then the company started lowering the amounts but they wanted wire transfers money orders and gave me 2 types of banking accounts and names to send it to which i didn’t know how to do. We haven’t met and because I couldn’t help him due to being in my own financial hardship with many credit cards which i have to pay due to being maxed out. He wanted me to borrow money from friends, my mom, and to use my work paycheque. He got vary nasty and angry and verbally abusive via text and other activities took place for 2 days when we didn’t speak all because I wouldn’t help him and it shows i don’t love him. I thought it ended and he called to apologize saying he will never ask me for money again. that didn’t last very long as he told me that he needs money to so that his lawyer could change his airline ticket to bail him out of a mess there in order to return to the rig hopefully receive pumps to complete job. I fell for this and went to monogram and gave a money order for $157US when it was to be $150US. I filed a report with the Police and await a call from a detective who looks after investigating frauds and JSwipe are blocking all his profiles. he has many other profiles and women have reported him i found out through reverse image of one of many photographs of him. he is pretending to be an engineer and scamming women for money. he pretends to be German when he has a french accent. He has multiple profiles on Facebook and is now pretending to be married and a family man using someones name and pictures. I feel he is from Nigeria and don’t believe he lives in Etobicoke ON which is in Toronto ON Canada. I would like my money back. its a lot for me because i had to take a cash advance on my credit card.

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