Mt Shasta Solar INC Reviews - Mt Shasta Solar INC Scam or Legit

Dana –

Victim Location 37601

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted to build a fence on a property recently purchased by the "scammer". He sent a check that included money to pay the "painter" which I found odd but didnt think anything of it at first as I left his check in the bank(which was available right away in the amt of $5175.00). My crew started building the fence until the realtor came by and said we didnt have permission to build a fence on the property. We then found out the guy didn’t even own the property. When I called him he said "Ill be there Saturday to take care of it just hold on". He then asked me to go ahead and pay the painter by putting money in an account with Wells Fargo in the name of Daniel Spivey along with his account number. He called so many times to ask if I put the money in I realized it was a scam. I was out over $800 dollars in labor expense I had to pay my crew along with almost $400 in materials. I texted "Daniel" back as he wouldn’t answer his phone and told him I was coming to get my $1200 back he got out of me.

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