MRC Reviews - MRC Scam or Legit

Gloria –

Victim Location 68123

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Caller first called last week and said I was in collections with Discover Card. I have never had a Discover card account. I called Discover to verify that no one had created an account with my information. They confirmed that no one had and that it was a scam because they are a US based company and the 1-(1)-815-216-4463 is an international call. They do not make international calls.Caller called again today and said I was in collections with MRC. I said you already called me last week about a Discover account that I have never had. I informed the caller of this and they said threateningly, "I will note that you are not making a payment on the account!". Then the caller hung up on me!

Jenna –

Victim Location 60406

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Recvd call stating I have a case aganist me for a payday loan. No specific Dates given but stater they handeled cases from 2009-2105. Stated it was fraud and theft, I wod go to jail and/or court. Asked me to resolve for $500 but I originally owed $1000. They knew last 4 of my social, old home address, email and had wrong bank info.

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