Mr Marshall and Evelyn Reviews - Mr Marshall and Evelyn Scam or Legit

Suzanne –

Victim Location 96734

Type of a scam Phishing

restricted cell phone call. An elderly lady by the name of Evelyn is trying to reach Mr. Marshall. She has been calling for over two months, I never picked up her call, but she always leaves a voicemail message for Mr. Marshall saying. pls call me about the fed exp package, when we have lunch I can give you the check, call me when you return from Georgia, I’ll see you in half hour for lunch, you haven’t called me back – i’m am concerned that this is a scam, call me back – i’m home now, i’m calling because we got cut off earlier.

She sounds elderly, she sounds like she is calling from a landline based upon the sound when she hangs up.

She has called from a "cell" phone (I’m guessing area code 808) 222-2344 and left a message. but when I called it back – it doesn’t work.

I finally picked up her call after all these months and she asked if this is phone number such and such. I told her "you have the wrong number", she called back and said that she is trying to reach Mr. Marshall, is this phone number such and such. I told her that she has the wrong phone number and stop calling. She called back again asking for Mr. Marshall. I told her that she has the wrong number, stop calling me and I don’t know what type of scam this is but stop calling.

I’m uncertain if this is a scam or truly an elderly person being taken advantage of. If it’s a scam – I can’t figure it out. Or I hope that this elderly person is okay.


concerned citizen

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