Mr. James Smith Reviews - Mr. James Smith Scam or Legit

Priscilla –

Victim Location 43026

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Mr. James Smith has been calling my daughter since Spring of 2016. He called to say she owed money for a debt, but wouldn’t say what debt. He told her they took her state tax refund (which should have been deposited in her bank account) to pay for a portion of the debt, and then told her she needed to pay the rest. He wouldn’t tell her how much, but for her to send what she could. He wouldn’t tell her what it was for, just medical "actually hospital" but wouldn’t say what hospital. He started calling again today (Dec 8, 2017) – he called her number, my number (mother), cousin’s and father’s number telling them she owes money. He called her several times in a 15 minute timeframe using foul language and threatening her if she didn’t pay him money. This time he said it was for a credit card and not medical debt, and refused to give any details. He said his name was Mr. James, then it was James Smith, and his phone is 1-844-300-3013.

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