Jeremiah – Jul 26, 2020

Victim Location 48353

Total money lost $53

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My mother was one of the numerous people scammed by this online vendor. A payment went through, but no product was delivered, and the website contains no contact information.

I have reconned their operation to the best of my ability:

– Domain name was purchased from

-The online shop portion of the site was acquired from "A" record is set to be that of Myshopify– which is based in Canada– to disguise true IP address. There are ways to find the correct IP address not addressed here.

– Using Cloudflare for protection against DDOS attacks or other security breaches. a CFDUID was found in the server header.

– Email address is [email protected] Recipient is often, if not always unresponsive. A reverse email lookup might be useful for other online vigilantes that have more time than I.

– Their shady address isn’t an address at all, but a P.O. Box in Florida: PO Box 37912, Lutz, FL 33558. The good news is, if a class action lawsuit were ever filed, you can find out the identity of the person running the P.O. Box by asking for it, as this P.O. Box is being used for "business" purposes and can be used as evidence to the contrary in a court of law.

This person, or group of people have really done their homework on which precautions to take to ensure no one finds out who they really are, as well as the scam they’re running. If a flag looks red, run away from it, don’t try to fetch it. There is nothing legitimate about this website.

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