Move One Pet Care Delivery Reviews - Move One Pet Care Delivery Scam or Legit

Abby –

Type of a scam Phishing

I wanted to purchase an adorable pomski puppy whose picture was included in the ad. My granddaughter has a disability and she was so excited about the puppy and told all her friends she would be getting the puppy on Tuesday. When I went to the bank of Montreal as instructed by the Move One Pet Care Delivery delivery company the bank questioned the method of payment. The instructions I received were as follows:

"You will head to any branch of BMO and ask the teller for a deposit slip. Fill down the deposit slip and hand the cash to the teller. Once the deposit is completed, you take a picture of the receipt and send it to us for confirmation. Below is the account info.

Bank Account 3965444 transit 25129, Institution 001, name on account Yan He

from Move One Pet Care customer service."

The bank teller advised me to check into this company further as this was not the normal way of doing bank transfers.

I contacted the Company (whose web site is under repair) and asked for their phone number. Also the address of the lady selling the pup. The address they sent me was a home in Newfoundland that is vacant and up for sale ( I received this info from the real estate agent)

This is exactly the puppy we want – but decided not to send the money as we feel this could be a scam.

Hopefully this will help others avoid great disappointment and tears.

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