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Pedro –

Victim Location 80211

Type of a scam Employment

They post ads on Craig’s list offering 600-1000 paychecks . Then you sign a contract because they said you would receive 30% of each job that you do Including gas money for each 4 sites that you went to per day . But after you start and have given them 100% effort . They say that they don’t have to give gas money because some houses were close together or they would make me drive to houses and the customer had already canceled weeks ago. Then I find out I was not getting paid 30% per job I was only getting 27% and I was told by a owner “Jim” refused to give me his last name or phone number. Said that it wasn’t a big deal and he would fix it but not give me money from past checks because it was too much work . They also run off of an app that constantly changes and after I completed a job they would remove it from my list so that I couldn’t dispute the paycheck . They didn’t pay me for all the houses nor pay me in full for the houses that I was paid for. Then when I quit they said that they didn’t have to pay me at all because I tried to steal customers because I had called them to make sure they were home etc. any time I had a customer talk to me I showed the boss and tried to make sure that I got paid for each job but now that I quit they say that it wasn’t aloud for me to have contact with the customer . Also they post flyers on people’s doorstep saying one price then send them a bill with a higher price factoring the gas money and “warranty” that is required and a part of the services no matter what. I’ve had a ton of customer complaints and tried my best to help the company but then I found out they were pocketing tips I made as well as not paying me for every job without me knowing. They owed me two paychecks one for my initial start week that they held and one for the last week of work. After I was promised both of the checks in full since they Owed me money already from past checks .

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