Moore Aussies Dog Breader

Jill – Oct 30, 2020

I had the same process as everybody to be scammed by Moore Aussies.

Krista – Sep 15, 2020

Victim Location 32757

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was in search to buy an Australian Shepard dog online and I found the website It looked and read like it was a real dog breeder and seller. I put my

information in the contact box and sent it. About 30 to 40 minutes later, a person by the name of Clark

contacted me by text saying he was the seller of the dog I inquired about. He also sent me an email. I

asked about the shipping and the process it would be and a little more detail on the puppy itself. He

text that they raise the puppies at home with their kids and other pets and I have nothing to worry

about the shipping service. I asked "once the transaction is complete, when do you ship the dog". He

responded, he would send first thing in the morning and when he is done with the registration that the

shipping agency will be contacting me with tracking code and such. He then sent me a nice looking bill

of sale to sign for the purchase of the puppy. I looked it over and it seemed believable. I signed the bill

of sale contract and sent it back. After that, he asked for the payment which I told him I have Zelle and

the Cashapp. He asked that I send it to him via Cashapp. I sent $800 to the cash tag he gave me

(Swijeffly). From there he asked to make sure I send him a screen shot that I sent the money which I

did. After that he said he would be sending him first thing in the morning. I asked what airport are you

sending him to as I am the same distance between two airports and that I would like for the dog to be

delivered to SFB airport. He said that is where he would be sending him. The next morning

(9/15/2020) I started to wonder about the whole thing and tried to find more information on this Moore

Aussies business. I couldn’t find anything on that business. I text Clark and asked about the status

regarding shipping the puppy and he replied that he is just about to finish the registration and the

agency will contact me soon. An hour later, another person who I couldn’t understand called me and

said they are with the Supreme Public Logistics Pet Department and asked for me to send a

confirming email for the delivery address. I asked that person how do they know they have the correct

dog and their response was hardly understandable so I asked for them to send me a picture. They

never sent a picture. I then called Clark and said I wanted a refund. He said he would cancel the order

and issue me a refund. I asked when I will be receiving my refund and he said in 2 hours. I never

received the money back. This is a scam!

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