MobileXpression Reviews - MobileXpression Scam or Legit

Colleen –

Victim Location 98118

Type of a scam Phishing

This online site offers an award incentive to participate in a tracking (yes, data mining) program which amounts to spyware. Though the site does provide a privacy policy, presumably members don’t read it. But that is not the scam in question. The scam is the promise of a guaranteed award for participating in this 1-week project with the member installing the app. However at the end of the 1-week commitment, the award never materializes despite an email notification to redeem the token for the $5 Amazon gift card. When the card never arrives and an inquiry is made (with no sight of the card in a month), the support makes all kinds of excuses to deny the member this earned award. These excuses include the member wasn’t active enough, which counters the FAQ that all frequency of phone usage was welcomed – even those specifically "occasional." Then, there is the bogus notice that the app appears uninstalled when the app is still installed and running, as confirmed by the phone’s app manager. Many members have complained about this on public forums, sharing my opinion they are a scam. If there was an issue of the member inactivity, then the member should be terminated by its own terms of use. But that is not the case. Invariably, the member ends up deleting the app from the non-payment. And I’m not even referring to the tease of an award for continued participation which is nothing more than empty promises for a chance at an award; all of this to breach member’s privacy. I have had the misfortune to discover this scam, as others have. In my case, this organization goes further in trying to accuse me of fraud all because my mobile number is one of Google voice, which does reside on my mobile phone – and one I use for incoming and outgoing calls. So how is that fraud? By their ability to mine data on the phone, shouldn’t that raise a red flag in the first place, if we were to go by their excuses, to terminate me from the get-go of their project? But they didn’t. I was never kicked out by them. I canceled the membership since I finally wised up what a spyware sham they were with false promises of "prizes." This is a high class form of phishing camouflaged as marketing. At the very least, this org should be investigated at how many members actually receive awards for their agreement to open their private information to them.

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