mobile auto body Reviews - mobile auto body Scam or Legit

Allen –

Victim Location 85715

Type of a scam Other

On March 10, 2017 I contracted with Mobile Auto Body to do auto body repair on my 2002 truck. Man who gave me his name as Tony Yonko said he was the owner of the business started the repair then asked for a deposit to purchase parts but did not return. Address and phone number provided was not business related. Business was conducted out of a Chevy van with the name and address professionally panted on the side.

Micah –

Victim Location 85335

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Other

Our car had a little dent (maybe about 7 inches around) we looked around online and on the Offer Up app. We found a guy with an ad that seemed very reliable and we sent him a message. He answered really quick and gave us his phone number to send him a few piks of our car. We sent him a couple and told us he can do our dent for 300 dollars. We thought it was a good price compared to 1500 that a shop was going to charge us. He said he can come out the next morning (july 4). So he came over, started his work, about an hour into his work he knocked on our door and said his work was done and just needed to tighten a few screws he had loosened but that he recieved a call from his wife that his daughter was sick and he had to go home but he would come back the next day to finish. He said but he needed the money to take his daughter to the doctor. So we said well if its for the daughters health, why not. And we handed him over 300 dollars and he left. The next morning, july 5, he came back and said he had to go buy another screw and would be back in 15 minutes…. he never came back………and now our car looks worse than when he started and he doesnt answer any of our calls, texts, messages on offer up, anything. Hes blocked both my number and my husbands number so when we call it doesnt even go through nomore. Weve tried calling from a different phone and he answers but once he hears its us he hangs up or says wrong number. On his ads he has multiple names but its all the same person.

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