mli group correspondence division Reviews - mli group correspondence division Scam or Legit

Ashlee –

Victim Location 79924

Total money lost $1,036

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted by phone said I was going to be Court summons they called all family members so I thought it was real it was bill over 12 years old from a bank they threaten 3 times what bill is unless I pay bill to settled out of court for the amount they make it sound like it’s real it’s a scam don’t be taken like I was

Robert –

Victim Location 44233

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was called by this company, and missed the call. I received a voicemail saying, I would be served and summoned to court, and I should call back immediately. They tried to explain the situation and why I owed money. Basically saying that a previous bank I was with, was trying to get over drafted money and that the bank has transferred the debt to this law firm/collection agency. Said I couldn’t get any info regarding the specifics until I was served, but I could pay the dept now and my balance would be zeroed out. Attempted to have me virtually sign stuff over email and asked for bank card info. I claimed I didn’t have the funds yet and needed time to pay. I’ve since locked my account just in case and suspect it’s a scam. Attempting to find out more info from local authorities and previous bank before following through. Wanted to report them just in case. I’ve searched google and not one thing about MLI has come up besides an unrealated school.

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