Mitchell Allan Jr Reviews - Mitchell Allan Jr Scam or Legit

Danielle –

Victim Location 02911

Total money lost $1,580

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website offered teacup Maltese puppies. Pictures included. Sent them a text inquiring about one of the puppies. They texted back to thank me for my interest and said they sent me an email with info and a few questions:

If you interested to adopting any these puppies, then you have to kindly answer some questions for me.

1) which of these puppies do you want to take home? Lucy

2) Have you ever had a puppy in your entire life ?

3) Are you a breeder ?

4) Do you have any veterinarian around your location ?

5) If the puppies destroy some thing what $100 what will be your reaction ?

6) If the puppies are seriously sick and the doctor’s record says they

will not get well again will you carry out euthanasia

7) Where are you located?

And they sent me 3 photos of the puppy in one of their texts.

They asked me to send $620 through Walmart to Walmart. $500 for puppy, $120 for delivery to me doorstop.

They had an agency contact me regarding delivery – they are:

They asked for $960.00 for pet insurance – refundable money, they said.

They asked to have it sent my moneygram, but they cancelled it because they didn’t have proper ID for pickup.



ADDRESS—-640 N Eagle St

PHONE ——-+1(847) 238-2466

So, the money was sent Walmart to Walmart to the seller to deliver to the agency.

The transportation was Tuesday, Sept 4, 2018 –

Then I got another text message asking for more money for a ‘Regulatory Weather Crate Fee’ for $820.00 (refundable) due to bad weather conditions. I did not send the money – I checked the weather and tracked the flight (which landed earlier than the time scheduled – so, no bad weather). By this time I was totally convinced I was being scammed. I called them out, both parties, at one point, but, sadly, I caved and fell into their trap.

The 2 addresses, when searched, don’t exist. Apparently, neither does the puppy.

I attached a Certificate they sent me to sign for the insurance.

I lost $1,580.00.

This was through text and email.

I have saved the emails and the texts from both parties.

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