Mini Tuxedo Goldendoodles

Paula – Jul 27, 2020

Victim Location 34205

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We placed a $500 deposit on a Mini Goldendoodle puppy with Kathryn Windsor of Mini Tuxedo Goldendoodles on 11/03/2019 and received regular updates from her for the month of November & December 2019 however in January & February 2020 the communication was not great but we did FaceTime a couple times once the puppies were born. We were to receive 2nd Male pick of puppy but when it came time to pick puppies there were no communications and then we received a message that simply stated "There is not a Male Tuxedo puppy in this litter right for you" we were told to wait until her next litter with her other females to be born in February & March 2020 but she was caught being dishonest by several other buyers and we were seeing the post all over Facebook and the different Doodle groups we were involved in. We questioned her and she stated it was all lies. We were getting nervous if this was a scam and if were would ever get our puppy. She FaceTime and offered us a all white male puppy but that is not what we put a deposit on and our contract clearly states "Male Red Tuxedo Mini Goldendoodle", When we declined this white puppy she told us then we would not get a puppy at all.I told her at the time I didn’t feel the puppy she showed me was a mini goldendoodle and looked more like a maltipoo, cavipoo, or toy poodle. This was around March/April 2020, I have requested my deposit be returned due to the numerous law suits being placed against her for misrepresenting the puppies she was selling for example selling Labradoodles as Mini Goldendoodle, or Maltipoos & Cavipoos as Mini Goldendoodles as I suspected that was one of the puppies she tried to sell me. After speaking with several owners from the litter of puppies I was suppose to receive a puppy from we found out there was a Male Red Tuxedo born in that litter but she lied and told us there was not one right for us. There is a Facebook Group now form to reach out and find anyone Scammed by Mini Tuxedo Goldendoodles and I was shocked at the number of people scammed by Kathryn Windsor. We just want our $500 deposit returned and she has refused. We found out there are California Lemon Laws agaisnt puppy sales and taking deposits without providing a live healthy puppy but we are in Florida and we would have to go to California to file a small claims court since we never received a puppy.

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