Millennium Health Solutions Reviews - Millennium Health Solutions Scam or Legit

Alan –

Victim Location 74855

Total money lost $172

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

On February 8, 2018 I received call from a company who said they find people insurance that usually costs less so I was interested. The lady I was talking to over the phone then transfer me over to one of their agents. The agent was name Scott, who preceded to ask me what kind of insurance and how much I wanted to pay monthly. He then said he had a couple of insurance plans that may work for me, the first plan he told me about sounded great. I went ahead and told him I was thinking about getting the plan but needed a week to look over the plan and what it covered which I told him. He told me that would be okay but they needed my card on file. Also said that within 24 hours after the call I would receive an email explaining the insurance plan coverage and other information and they would send stuff in the mail, both never happened.

So thinking they seem like a legit company I gave them my debit card information (along with DOB, SSN, and address earlier). After all that, I made sure again that they would send the email in 24 hours and wouldn’t charge my card until February 15. He reassure that they would so we we’re done. He then directed the call to his superior, Saul, who then made sure I understand some of the information Scott gave me then call was done.

So I waited for email and stuff in the mail which never came. I then called on the 14 or 15th of February to tell Millennium Health Solutions that I didn’t want their insurance since they never sent anything. The lady I was talking to kept diverting the conversation about removing my card info and personal information. She then redirected me to Scott the agent who told me that in order to get the email and information in the mailbox that I had to buy the insurance plan.

So to find out if I actually wanted the insurance plan or not and information about it, I had to buy it first. Which was never once told to me.

I then told him that was crazy and wasn’t doing it. I called the bank to put a stop on the payment (it was pending) but they’re weren’t able to. I’ve had to get a new debit card and lost out on $172, which was $6 more then what Scott told me.

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