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Latasha –

Victim Location 85345

Type of a scam Employment

I was approached by "John" at Miles Technology, whose name matched company records on as well as their website. He indicated that he wanted to have an online interview (non-voice), and after asking a number of questions, the only personal information I provided was my address, and the name of my bank. That is when I got suspicious. Then, for being a tech firm, there were quite a few grammatical errors, especially seeing as though he was "Highly Educated". Based on 12 simple questions, that had no relation to a "Data Analyst" position that would be all Telecommuting. He then indicated that there would be a local office near me opened but wouldn’t give me even a neighborhood. It all seemed too fishy, when I got offered a job on the spot, with no verbal communication. I googled this type of scam, and what happened to me was outlined exactly on your website. Also, he asked me in an interview if I was female or male, and that is illegal.

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