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Rose –

Victim Location 43219

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We received an email from David [email protected] requesting a quote on blinds. He will not provide his information, but wants us to contact his shipping company via email and ship to a foreign nation.

Hello (name),

Thanks for your email. I am okay with the total cost for the 40 faux wood blinds and i’d like to proceed and finalize payment. I want you to contact Midwest Logistics, Inc.

via email [email protected] and request a quote for them to ship the order directly from your location to the delivery address below:

SOS Children’s Villages – Lumley

252 Bomabil District,

Freetown 42215,

Sierra Leone

The order is going to be picked up from your location upon completion.

Contact them with the following:

1. Pick-up Address

2. Delivery Address

3. Approximate Weight

Send me an email with the total invoices including the freight charges for me to proceed with full payments using my MasterCard.

I look forward to hearing from you with the estimated quote from the freight company.



Tracy –

Victim Location 01742

Type of a scam Other

We are a small business and receive email orders and requests daily. This man identifying himself as David Anderson contacted me via email and asked for 30 window shades to be shipped to a children’s village in Argentina. He provided a shipping company for us to use, and was very thorough in his instructions. The shipping company seemed bogus when I looked into them, and after sending an email requesting a quote for shipping costs they responded almost immediately with a $3000 quote. "David" told me he would be placing the order on a MasterCard, but called with two Visa numbers. Both were declined. He then tried to get me to put a 6k down payment and promised to pay the remainder in increments, but when I told him we only accepted full payment he got flustered. He told me he would contact his credit card company and get back to me, but I was already well aware that this was a scam. I asked him for an address on the card and he refused to give me one. These were clearly stolen credit card numbers. After we placed this order the deposit would have surely been reimbursed by the credit card company leaving us to foot the $3k shipping bill. I have researched scams like this and in all cases the shipping company suddenly goes untraceable. Be on the lookout for similar scams!!

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