Midway Business Corp Reviews - Midway Business Corp Scam or Legit

Darren –

Victim Location 76247

Total money lost $2,800

Type of a scam Employment

I was offered a Job working from home printing payroll checks and sending them out to others. Or sending out checks to help others pay debts. The thing is the checks looked very bad, the logos were all wrong and the checks just looked bad. The scammers English was terrible and was very demanding and pushy. When I would demand payment they would get mad. They would refuse and say I had to wait 2 weeks. I dragged it out 2 weeks and never got paid. I wasted some money but not a whole lot before I called the bank the checks were supposedly through and found out they were fraudulent. They advised me to shred them and cut contact. The scammer was angry and threatened all sorts of things but I informed the local authorities. The scammer used a Mom group on Facebook to hook moms who wanted to stay at home with their kids to try to get them to send out fake checks. Please be careful!

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