Microsoft Technical Services Reviews - Microsoft Technical Services Scam or Legit

Devin –

Victim Location 30904

Type of a scam Tech Support

The phone call was made earlier today (about 12 p.m.-1 p.m.). I did not note the time or answer the phone, just listened to the message on my phone’s Caller ID. A woman’s voice said that I would be billed $299.99 to have a firewall installed on my computer and to call that number if I did not want that service.

Our home personal computers already have firewalls and other security arrangements. I did not call back, but deleted the message. I received a similar call a month or so ago that claimed my computer had been infected with a virus. We’d just had the system checked a week or so previously and it was "clean." Hope you can do something about the first issue. Thank you.

Edward –

Victim Location 15944

Type of a scam Tech Support

I have been getting phone calls for about a year, telling me they are from Microsoft Technical Services. I try not to answer calls from numbers that I’m not familiar with but sometimes I just pick up the phone without looking. They have tried to get remote access to my computer but I won’t allow that. They keep telling me that my computer has a lot of errors on it. I know that isn’t true because I recently bought a new computer and had a reliable, local computer tech check it out and set it up for me. One time they asked me to go to my computer and he would show me where I could see the errors myself (without him getting access). I did and I knew enough about computers to realize that he was trying to scare me with information that is perfectly normal for any computer. I have asked them several times not to call me, but, of course they don’t care. They just wait a few days or a week and call me from a different number. He said it would cost less than $200 to repair my computer.

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