Microsoft support spoof

Adam – Aug 26, 2020

Victim Location 08060

Type of a scam Tech Support

On Aug 20,2020, I went on line to look up UPS locations in Burlington Co. When I clicked on the site, my computer began beeping and a voice said ‘SECURITY ALERT SECURITY ALERT’ dp not turn your computer off, instructed to call the support team at 800-433-8259. I called at 11:42amand was told they were checking my computer. The person who answered the phone did not give me his name. He spoke poor Englsh and I had difficulty understanding him. Then he told me theteam is checking my computer and it has been hacked. he then showed everything on mycomputer screen and said he would instruct me onhow to resolve the issue. Then he proceeded totell me that Microsoft charges $500 but they will give me money and I needed to go to a store tand purchase s gift card. He instructed me to press the microsoft key on my kepbpard. I did not know what he was talking about and told me it was on the left row of my keyboard. I found the keyand was told to press an dhold a small screen appeared in the lower left corner ofmy screen.He instructed me to type in iexplore view and nothing happened. He said he would do it and took control of my computer. He kept insisting Microsoft would pay for this by depositing money intomy account and going to a store and purchasing a gift card. I told him I did not have a car. I toldhim to forget it that I was going to call my computer guy. He emphasized only Microsoft can resolve this problem. I had been on the phone almost 2 hours and getting very upset and demanded to speak to his supervisor. A few minutes later his supervisor got on the phone and told me his name.He too spoke poor English and then I asked him to please spell it then proceeded an on line chat.He typed his name James Williams, Microsoft telephone 800-433-8259, ext. 301 IDMS104. At thispoint I suspected this is a scam. he also told me Microsoft was going to put money in my account and I need to purchase a gift card. he then asked if I had a Target, Walmart or Kohls near me. Isaid yes but I was Wheelchair bound. He then asked me if I accessed any accounts today. Isaid and he asked which company and the next thing the bank popped up. He told me to please log in and see if any new activity occurred. I responded no. he adked the name of my bank and after I told him my bank name appeared on the omputer screen. he put me on hold for a while. He came back on live chat and said we were going to try something else/ He typed in my bank name and started an one line account. He told me to fill in the information and a screen appeared with my checking account current and available balances. Then he instructed me via live chat to call my bank and request a one time on line transfer. At this point I was 99.99% sure that this was a scam. He (James) told me when I called the bank to tell them it was for a friend and he would call me back in 19 minutes. I called my bank and spoke to customer service and explained what was going on. Bank told me they are going put a hold on my account and my debit card. Bank told me when they call back, tell them the bank could not do a wire transfer. Customer service Told me to call my Mastercard bank and cancel my account and request a new credit call to report scam. instructed me to go to bank man office that I may have to cose my current checking account. While on the phone with my bank, James called four times. After hanging up with my bank, he called again and I told him the bank said I could not do a wire transfer. I told him to just forget it I was going to call my computer guy. He again insisted only Microoft could resolve the issue, then I hung up. I was on the phone with the scammers 3hrs 14mins and 49 sec. After hanging up, I called my MC bank ank cancelled account and requested a new card. I called my computer guy at 4:13p and he returned call at6:59p and tried to talk me thru what to do. The then ser up appt the next day. I also called but office was closed. Went to the main bank office and 9am and my account was okay. my computer guy fixed computer and told if this happens again, to shut computer off. Also called and told to file a scam complaint.

Sara –

Victim Location 08043

Type of a scam Tech Support

Two automated messages were left of my answering machine saying "We are calling to refund your money because the company has been ordered to close down. Please call us on our Toll Free number 844-386-8965". I called the toll free number to see what this was about. An Asian male answered the phone without any company greeting and he was obviously sitting in room with other people. He said I was owed money for Microsoft technical support charges and asked me for my name. I told him I didn’t know of any such charges. But, I gave him a phony name and he told me he "was going to look it up in his book" and came back on five seconds later with an amount of $196.00. He told me to press the Ctrl & R keys simultaneously on my computer, type in WWW.TAKESUPPORT.US and hit Enter. I told him they should know all of my info already if they worked on my PC and to mail me a check. When I said I wasn’t going to type those instructions into my computer, he hastily said goodbye and hung up.

Wesley –

Victim Location 60613

Type of a scam Tech Support

Don’t know much cause I closed the browser right away. But there was a message when I clicked on a pngage that said that My computer was being hacked and my password and account information would set over. this was a warning from Microsoft support is claimed. I called this number 18886050345 and was an Indian person on the other line after talking to him it felt like a scam cause he was saying he need to get access to my computer to fix it. I decided to hang up. I closed the browser and open it back up and the message disappeared. I looked online and people were saying that this was scam.

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