Micropctech PA Reviews - Micropctech PA Scam or Legit

April –

Victim Location 33801

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Tech Support

Micro PC Tech locked me out of my computer. They made me believe that they were the techs for McAfee anti virus software. They charged me $40.00 on 9-08-17. Nict Jordan was the one I spoke to and Jay was the one who put in on my laptop. On 7-18-18 I received an email to call micropctech, Nict Jordan, that they were moving over seas and were giving refunds to their customers. That is when rict told me that he needed to get into my laptop. He locked it up! When I realized what he did, I hunged up, turned off and unplugged it, but it was too late. He called me several times and then email me to send him $500 00 to get the password to unlock my laptop. I looked up the number for micropctech on my phone and called them. The numbers were diffent from the one nict called me. They told me that it would be $150.00 to fix my laptop. I paid them $99 99.Jay couldn’t unlock the laptop. On 7-22-17,Jay told me to get a flash drive and go to the library. The library doesn’t let you download a program on their computers. It hit me that Jay and Ron were in on it. 7-23-18 I called my bank and Stopped payment. Jay was to call me on 7-23-18,but never did. This company needs to be shut down. I am sorry for people that also got scammed like me. I am on disability and have to save to pay Dell to unlock and fix my laptop! Thank you!

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