Michelle Madson Wholesale Doors and Frames Reviews - Michelle Madson Wholesale Doors and Frames Scam or Legit

Katrina –

Victim Location 78217

Type of a scam Employment

This is most definitely a money laundering operation under the quise of employment as a person assistant. They send you a check, have you cash it through your bank then ask you to send the rest to "orphanages or charities" although you end up sending it to individuals in California and Houston. Then they ask you to buy printer paper checks from Office Depot and print more checks under your name. That’s when I knew it was a money laundering operation. The address in Colorado is real, it even shows up on Google Street view. They only communicated through email and text. The phone number is not an actual phone number, it is for an unlimited text only service, no calls. I just hope this helps the ScamPulse.com track down the source and catch them.

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