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Ryan –

Victim Location 50672

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a dachshund puppy & this guy contacted me by email originally & showed me a video of puppy & he said he only was asking $200 for it. He claimed that it would be coming from Dallas,Texas & it would be what he called a doorstep delivery, But if I wanted it to be delivered it would be $230.Then he started texting me right away before I even said I was interested. It sounded really good until he told me I would have to wire him the money through Wal-Mart in Iowa Falls to pay his agent who sounded like he was from India when he called me. Right then I knew it was a scam & when I confronted him he told me" I am not a scam & that I better be careful who I said that to because he could sue me for that" in a text he sent me! He then sent me another text telling me what his words were because he thought I was confused. I texted him back because the way he made it sound at first was that I could pay his agent when he delivered the puppy to my door. I then texted him back & told him these are my words"I will pay for the puppy when its delivered". He didn’t text me after that! I have an email from the company of the supposed delivery company but I reported the owners emails to Spam.

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