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Tyrone –

Victim Location 29536

Type of a scam Phishing

While selling my vehicle (used 2000 car) on Craigslist. I was emailed by a potential buyer. He mentioned that he is very eager to buy the car and "consider it sold" if the title report is good. He instructed me to obtain a title report from "www.vthreport.com" because his loan company requested it. I provided him with the VIN # and insisted that he purchase the title. He then mentioned that he would add the $24 fee into the final price if I purchased it. A lot of red flags began to go off so I researched the website and no valuable sources were displayed. I then searched the BBB.org and my gut feeling proved to be correct. The website and request was/is a scam!

Darrell –

Victim Location 54449

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Much like a post I reviewed on your site, I listed my vehicle for sale and received a response from a potential buyer asking for my email so her husband could speak with me directly about the vehicle. Her ‘husband’ asked a few questions and followed up with a request for a title report for his loan officer. I sent him a report I had pulled previously and received a response stating that his loan officer requested a title report from a specific site. He told me if I ran the report and sent it to him that I could consider the vehicle sold. He also offered to pay an additional $24 on the overall vehicle price as reimbursement for the title report.

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