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Steven –

Victim Location 32244

Type of a scam Employment

The initial individual contacted me through my text message saying that my resume was forwarded to him and he represented MFS investment. Then he asked me to install Google Hangout to conduct a interview.I already have that on my phone so i proceded to the interview. He gave his name and the list of jobs they were highering for and then told me that the job was for at home. Well it looked and went like a standard interview minus that fact it was all text. Then he proceeded to say he had to take it to a higher up to decide an he would be right back. After a couple of minutes he returned and said i was highered. They would wend out the paperwork and a free hp all i needed was a automatic time tracker(flag number one). I said i didn’t have one(who does) and he said i needed to acquire one. they would send a check out to me and i would need to place it into my account and the funds would be available the next morning to purchase the tracker from there approved vender so it can be installed on the laptop. All incorrect information on how to use a tracker. I inquired about why they didn’t just work with the vendor and i didn’t get a straight answer.Then i asked why is a investment company highering for medical billing at home.Reply was they had a small position. Last thing i asked was what was his position and he was gone. I did some research and the name i was given didnt make scense for a highering deparment.

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