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Andres –

Victim Location 70001

Type of a scam Credit Cards

They keep calling from different 504 area code numbers saying they’re with member services and hang up on me when I ask to be taken off their calling list.

Candace –

Victim Location 44214

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

10/19/17 Around 7pm I received a phone call from what looked like a cell # from my area. When I answered it was a recording stating they had been trying to reach me regarding lowering my interest on my credit card and to press 1 for …. or 2 for … I can’t remember the reasons given. I went ahead and pressed 1. We had recently been given some news about our financial situation a day prior to this call so I was very vulnerable and upset at the time I received this call. The gentleman that was on the line after pressing 1 said his name was Chris Gabriel and later in the conversation gave me his ID# or some kind of # which was BBB94371. He did not give me his name until later in the conversation when I asked for it. The first thing he said was he was calling because I had a VISA or MASTERCARD card or cards from Capital One, Citi Bank, and several other bank names he listed. He said he could lower my interest rate because I paid the amount stated or more than the amount stated. But after stating this he said you do pay the amount due or more than the amount due correct? I had voiced my opinion multiple times during this call that I thought this was a fraud and he assured me over and over again that it wasn’t and asked what VISA or MASTERCARD that I had. He assured me if I gave him the Card # that he could pull my statement up and read to me information from my statement and that would prove this was not fraud because he couldn’t do that if he was trying to perform fraud and asked me if I agreed. I gave him the # of the one card and he did give me all of the information that was on my statement, due date, amount I paid last, limit that was allowed, balance and interest rate. He then asked for my other card# so I gave it to him. I still had been concerned that this was fraud and again indicated this to him and he said he would not be asking for my cv code or my SS# so there was nothing he could do and assured me he was just trying to help me lower my interest because I was a good customer. At this time he wasn’t able to pull up my information on the 2nd credit card and said for some reason he couldn’t see it. I told him I hadn’t used it in a long time maybe they had a hold on it or something. So I gave him the information that was on my statement including interest rate and for the second time he stated that was a high interest rate. Because I was still protesting that this could be fraud and I had already asked him twice for a phone# so I could call him back he said that they had contacted the and they were trying to help out people like me that were paying a high interest rate and that because I paid the amount due or more than the amount due that they wanted to reward (or a word like this) us by giving us a credit card with a low rate. He said what they would do is transfer my amounts from my credit cards to another credit card that would have a 0% interest rate and after adding what I owed on the 2 cards said my payment would be $120 a month for 2 years. I asked at what point the interest would go up and he said never. He said after 2 years if I still owed then they would transfer my amount left to another credit card that would also be 0% for 2 years and I would continue to pay $120 until the amount I owed was paid. I questioned him several times about this process because I still wasn’t 100% sold on what he was telling me but because I was so upset about our financial situation I believed this was a sign from God and that I received this call to help us out so I continued to be drawn in. He said they worked with 6-8 different banks and that is why after 2 years they could just switch to another bank if my total amount owed wasn’t paid off by the end. I had asked him why they just didn’t send me something in the mail like everyone else does regarding credit cards and he said that’s because those are promotional offers but after I gave him the information he needed he would have me speak to their financial guy and then he would tell me what I needed. He also said at that time they would send me the paperwork and I should read over the black and white closely before signing it and sending it back to them. I told him so I would need to approve and sign off on this before they could do anything, correct? And he said yes. He then asked for my CV code on my one card and I was reluctant then even more so. I argued and he then started to tell me he had worked there for 8 years and was trying to provide for his family. I gave him the cv code just to my one card. He then asked for my social security # and I told him no. Again he tried to make me feel sorry for him and made me think that he needed this last sell but didn’t come out and directly say this. He also kept indicating his boss would be mad. He asked for my social a couple more times and I kept declining and told him he wasn’t going to get it and asked to speak to the financial guy. By this time he had gotten very angry and the more he pleaded the angrier he got. He threatened me saying he already had all of the information needed to commit fraud if he wanted to but that’s not what he called me for. He also stated all he had to do was one click of the button and again stated but that’s not why he was calling that he wanted to help me but if I didn’t give him the information then it would be "bad" for me. I told him I was done and did not want to go through with this. He then said he would transfer me to his floor manager to hold on the line. Once it was silent I hung up. This gentleman had a foreign accent which wasn’t that bad. I had asked for a phone# several times thinking I could call him back and then I would know if this was legit but he always asked why I wanted it but then went on to change the subject and acted upset that I had asked for it. He also had told me towards the end of the conversation that I made him feel like I couldn’t trust him and asked if he hadn’t gained my trust. I could tell the whole trust thing made him very mad. He’s very good at making what he’s saying makes sense but don’t fall for it. I don’t know what state or country he was calling from. I never got a phone number from him. Every time I asked for his company’s name he would say it was Member Services.

Claudia –

Victim Location 39573

Type of a scam Credit Cards

automated calls saying you have been selected to receive special services based on your most recent credit reported by your credit agencys….. when you select to be removed it hangs up on you….and when you try to call the number back it says not in service/not a valid number. appears to be a cspire cell phone number, called cspire, they stated that that number is NOT valid, nor in service… the number does show up on my caller id, have asked them to stop calling me. they call daily numerous times.

Summer –

Victim Location 98168

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received a phone call from "Veronica at Member Services", it sounded like it was a recording. She said that due to a settlement (I think she said the settlement is with the FTC), I’m eligible for debt relief. I pressed "2" to be removed from their call list, and they hung up on me.

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