Megan Hendricks Reviews - Megan Hendricks Scam or Legit

Johnny –

Victim Location 92126

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Megan King (or Megan Hendricks) advertises on Craigslist claiming to sell prescription medications for people with health conditions as well as elderly people. She charges a high price at first but pretends to give you a deal because she claims to care about customers and people. She is very talkative and may openly admit she is dependent on her husband’s (Mark Hendricks) Adderall prescription. After taking the money, she will give the buyer a prescription bottle with the correct label, but the contents are not the correct medications. This is extremely dangerous. Having someone with health problems taking a wrong medication could put people in the hospital or worse, even kill them. She also sells illegally obtained Adderall, which is a schedule II Controlled substance. She usually drives a silver Lexus SUV and drives recklessly.

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