Mega Millionaire Jackpot program to support Facebook users Reviews - Mega Millionaire Jackpot program to support Facebook users Scam or Legit

Meredith –

Victim Location 55106

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Other

I was contacted by who I thought was my mother-in -law. They used her messenger account saying that she was picked as a winner and all she had to do was pay 2,500 for filing fees and could set up a payment plan & already had been delivered 250,000 delivered to her doorstep. "She" said she wasn’t "pulling my leg" and it was legit. I trusted her. They wanted me to go buy Steam cards at Walmart equaling $300 and not tell anyone what they were for, then take pics of my receipt, and the scratched card numbers. I thought it was odd, do I asked my "mother in law" who was actually the scammer how she did it. "She" said she did the same thing. I trusted her, and I went ahead and gave them all that they asked for. Throughout everything they kept calling me "dear winner. " They wanted me to make installment payments at a Western union location, but when I told my Dad the whole story, he told me to call my mother in law. Then it was confirmed. I hadn’t been texting her the last couple days, someone had stolen her profile. Then I noticed it was a different account with her name but not her picture that they had been using. I started crying knowing that someone scammed me and took advantage of me like that. My rent was now late. I wanted to warn everyone about these horrible people.

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