Media Dine Reviews - Media Dine Scam or Legit

Michael –

Victim Location 96720

Total money lost $340

Type of a scam Tech Support

 A call he received from Media Dine. They called him out of blue regarding the computer crash signals. (Mr. ***’s computer was having issues) They took control of Mr. ***’s computer, and demanded $340 before he could fix it. He then proceeded to try to collect the fee by PayPal and created a PayPal account for the consumer, and went as far to create an e-mail account to create PayPal account. In the process, Mr. *** gave mother’s maiden name, SS # and other sensitive info. Mr. *** paid, and they worked on computer, but did not get completed. Media Dine promised to call back to complete. However, they did not. When Mr. *** called, Media Dine said why didn’t you call if the issue was not yet fixed? Mr. *** demanded refund. Media Dine rep cussed at Mr. *** and hang up the call. Then Mr. *** received a call from *** *** of the Media Dine in India apologizing for the behavior, offering a refund and compensation of $200.  Media Dine said the check of $1,000 will be forthcoming  from India.  Due to currency value difference,  Mr. *** is to take out the refund and compensation and send the rest back to them. Mr. *** refused and got the money back from his credit card company instead by disputing the charge. 

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