McCann Health USA Reviews - McCann Health USA Scam or Legit

Natasha –

Victim Location 70633

Total money lost $12

Type of a scam Employment

On August 2,2017 I came across this job opportunity off of a job career site. I sent my resume and received a email stating that I needed to contact a Mrs. Hannah George Brooks at [email protected] regarding the position. I did so and got an email back from her stated that I needed to add her on the app Hangouts, its a app for texting while online. I did so and have been communicating back and forth with her regarding the job position. She stated the I would be working for McCann Health USA  and that it was a work at home program. I thought it was legit because I have friends that work at home doing medical billing and transcriptionist jobs. This woman made it sound really good so good that she said they were interested in hiring me and I would start training process immediately the next day all I had to do was stay online from 8-2 so I would get paid. She sent me a check for the work equipment that I would need. I deposited the check into my account and the check was no good. I contacted her and let her know that the check was not good and that now my bank account was over drawn and they charged me with a fee. She proceded to tell me to send her my account information along with my login information and password and also my security question. Mine you she already has a copy of my ID front and back and also my social security number front and back. I don’t know what I can do to get this fixed but something needs to be done to people that do this.

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