MC Medical AG Reviews - MC Medical AG Scam or Legit

Jillian –

Victim Location 95126

Type of a scam Employment

I wish this never happened to me but here I go from the beginning. The company is named MC Medical AG and is based out of Switzerland, Japan, and New York. I found the job posting for a Program Manager position on Next day or so, I got a quick phone interview with 5 simple questions from a younger Asian lady. Got "selected" to proceed with a month long paid training teaching me about project managing and some business cases relevant to medical leasing equipment. I would get paid after successfully finishing the training. The employment for the position is also guaranteed at 98,800USD/year if I complete the training with an average of B or better. Two weeks into training my training supervisor "Hector Loritz" asked me to help with a side project. He was very responsive via email and was even open to phone calls as needed. He increased my training pay to 5000$ (Instead of 2500$), as well as, promised to pay me commission for the side projects. He also sent a weak excuse for buying Apple gift cards to purchase some aoffice equipment for the new office. He asked for me to link my credit card to a corporate account. I did so. In order to make the purchase of office equipment I needed to have more credit in my credit card. So he allowed me to transfer my existing balance (5000$ or so) into the corporate account to make room for the office equipment. (totaling around 8000$) My supervisor then told me that the MC medical AG will pay off the debt as payment for training. I would have to pay taxes on the benefit as an independent contractor. I made the purchase of cards and used his eagerness to get the Pins as leverage to ask some difficult questions. All the HQ addresses we not valid. Company phone numbers were not valid. Clarify start date and face to face interview. And after telling my credit card company this story, they has already put an alert on the initial debt I transferred to MC Medical AG.

My bank told me that amount was soon to return back into my account. I cancelled that credit cards, changed all passwords and usernames (although I never gave them any information except my credit card), and changed all my other credit card numbers as a precaution. I added more security to my online banking systems. I will incur a $25 fee for the initial balance transfer returning. I knew it was to good to be true.. That job and money would change my life. They preyed on my greed and desperation to succeed. Thankfully I did not quit my job as proposed starting date is soon approaching.. Please beware. Gift cards and on boarding do not go hand and hand.

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