Master International Reviews - Master International Scam or Legit

Robyn –

Victim Location 30114

Total money lost $5,200

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Master International Company contacted me in September 2018 asking if I was interested in selling my timeshare. They sent me an offer via email (from Marty White) and I accepted after doing some research on my own. Back in September I couldn’t really find much on this company but now it seems as though people are coming out of the woodwork complaining that this company scammed them out of money. I was told that there are no upfront fees and any fees that are due would be covered by the buyer. Master International worked with Management Group International (contacts – Lydia Richardson and Richard Stone) to set up an escrow account. Management Group International sent me documentation stating the escrow account was set up and even sent me an escrow statement showing the amount being paid by the supposed buyers. In October 2018 I was notified that in order to conduct business in the state of Mexico in which my timeshare resided, I must have a Tax Identification Number and Temporary Naturalization. I was told to go obtain the TIN and Naturalization at the Mexican Consulate. After attempting to reach someone to schedule an appointment at the consulate and being unable to obtain the TIN and naturalization myself, I contacted Master International to solicit some help. They stated they have several clients having the same problem and that they would call me back the following week with a resolution. The following week they called and stated they would be hiring a personal representative in Mexico to handle obtaining the TIN and naturalization on their client’s behalf and that the buyers would be reimbursing me for the cost of the TIN and naturalization. I was asked to wire $2200 to the representative in Mexico in order to obtain the TIN and naturalization. In January 2019 I was contacted by Amanda Gill at Master International and was told that as of 1/1/19, the state of Mexico, in which my timeshare resided, required the state tax to be paid prior to closing. Master International stated Government had just enacted this new law and that Master International was not aware of this new law. I even received a call from a Mrs. Guzman at the SAT office (tax office) in Mexico asking if I was planning on going through with this deal and paying the state tax. Her number is 011 55 8526 2320. I was also told by Master International that the buyer would reimburse me for the state tax which was $2700. Management Group International sent me an updated escrow statement which showed the deposits in the escrow account. On 2/27 I received an invoice from Management Group International stating I needed to pay another $4500 to pay for buyer requested legal and recording fees. I had a discussion with Amanda Gill to ask her what this was for and she stated that the buyers had requested that Mexico house all the documents related to this transaction for 30 years and they were going to pay for it. However, when Amanda spoke to Mrs. Guzman at the SAT she stated that the funds would have to be paid by me and would need to be paid with my TIN in order to be valid, per Mexican law. At this point I lost it on Amanda Gill and told her I wanted the owner of the company to call me. Now I can’t get anyone to call me back or email me back. At this point I’m ready to start a class action lawsuit because I’m positive this same thing is happening to others. It’s a total scam and an elaborate one at that. I consider myself a smart person, and I did my due diligent but they scammed me anyways. I even asked them to send me their business license number which was legit. They are found on eAccessNY and appear to be a legitimate company but they ARE NOT. The owner of the company is Han Yang and his telephone number is 718-748-2700.

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