Marvin Wright/Daniel Gray/ “ACE Cash Loans” Reviews - Marvin Wright/Daniel Gray/ “ACE Cash Loans” Scam or Legit

Phone: +1 (206) 415-6862
Jeremy – Jan 22, 2021

Marvin Wright just screwed my bank account up with depositing fraudulent checks for over 2,000 he still using number 18045549598 and also 15053361364 and email [email protected] I’m taking to someone from Lexington law and going to try and get this piece of crap caught . I was just trying to get the extra money I needed so my daughter could start her first college courses. I’m not going to stop

Brett –

Victim Location 60633

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was e-mailed and then given a call about a loan approval up to 6,000. I am facing eviction and needed the money, so I trusted this source. They wired me 200 and I had to wire back 150, which I knew was super suspicious but I was desperate. The money was supposed to be in my account as of today, however, when I woke up it wasn’t. Instead they wanted to do this weird exchange again and I refused, cancelled the loan and my bank account and called the corporate headquarters of the company they claimed to be (ACE Cash Express). They verified what I had already figured out and now I am stressing about money again due to these sick people and their twisted games. They called me off a different number claiming to be First Financial Bank saying I was approved for 10,000 dollars to which I told them where to shove it.

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