Mark wilson ID # msw 5639 Reviews - Mark wilson ID # msw 5639 Scam or Legit

Philip –

Victim Location 80918

Type of a scam Tech Support

The call came in to my phone. the caller had broken English. Claimed that i bought a computer for $400. He said that they were removing software… They took my name, address, asked for a gmail account and had me log into my job one.. Then said they would refund me

$400. Then wanted my credit card or paypal and for me to go into it. I refused giving my credit card number and pay pal.. I would not log into it.

They said that thier team was working on closing and taking off all my software.. i said i wanted to call people who sold my computer to me.

The caller said i only had 30 minutes. i emailed and called my secretaries… one responded right away and siad it sounded like a scam.

I have call recorder and these foreign guys are recorder. Then one of the guys calls me back and said he wanted my credit card number. i said no, keep the money. then he said i didn’t deserve the money and he would crash my computer. it started acting funny.

i am concerned for my safety. they got into my personal gmail. and i had business stuff on it…

it gone… my bills etc. today is Friday may 25, 2018. now what.

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