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Glenn –

Victim Location 75080

Type of a scam Romance

I met Mark on Tinder. He asked me to move over to WhatsApp to communicate. Mark said he lived in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. He was 38 not married and had a 4 year old daughter Amy. Amy’s mom died in 2016. Mark said he was originally from Ohio and graduated from UT in Austin. He was an engineer working for AECOM. He is currently working in Lagos,Nigeria on a highway project. He did send me a few pictures of himself..too good to be true.. For about 4 weeks he really poured on the romance. He asked me for provocative pictures and wanted to have phone sex. He was controlling and jealous. What time was I leaving work or who was I going out with. The way he texted did not "sound" American. By the fifth week he asked me if I could send a token to his daughter Amy so she could get to her Nanny. Amy was sick or something. A token? What is that. I declined and Mark begged me to send the money. He said it would be my fault if Amy died. He then tried to put me down. I was a bad person. Karma will come back to me. I’m dishonest and distrustful. Whatever. I fell for him at first because I was hopeful of a relationship and I believe people are good. I read about all the do not do stuff on dating sites. I know not to give money to anyone. I could not find Mark anywhere on social networks or even the White Pages. I couldn’t even find him as an engineer in Dallas. I deleted his pictures. He almost looks like former military with brown buzzed hair and green-blue eyes and a perfect body. He works out everyday.

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