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Meghan –

Victim Location 48214

Type of a scam Employment

I have been contacted via "Job Ad" for a posting on Zip Recruiter re: a job working from home. This is the second contact I’ve received and they want to send me a check to purchase equipment from their vendor and then I’m to do admin work from home.

What makes me suspicious is them sending a check and wanting to know how long it will take to clear through Comerica Bank. I received two of these calls yesterday (11/30) from two different groups and it made me suspicious when they said I could make $25.00 per hour. Why are the contacts insisting on doing interviews through Google Hangout? The phone # I received was (770) XXX-XXXX. From a RXXXXX MXXX. I can’t help but wonder when the interviewer misspells during the process.

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