Makaila “Kash” Webster

Chad – Aug 06, 2020

Victim Location 07078

Total money lost $130

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was scrolling through depop and the seller posted an item I liked – an orange hoodie. Their post said to "dm (direct message) to trade or purchase." I first messaged them and said "would you trade?" and they said that they would prefer money. So, I purchased the item as the seller was being very nice and responsive and I have never had any problems with depop. They requested that I use venmo since they didn’t have PayPal. So, they requested the amount of money ($130) and I fulfilled the request. Shortly after, I noticed that both their depop account and venmo account were deleted. There is no way to contact the seller. I did some more research and found the pictures of the item that I thought I was getting on someone else’s page. Later that night, I also searched on depop "dm to purchase or trade," and I saw the same hoodie I had purchased under a different account. I messaged that account and said "I know you scammed me. please send my money back," and before I could even get another message in, that account was disabled and deleted as well. I reached out to Venmo and they said that the only way for me to cancel my payment would be to reach out to law enforcement and file a report. Law enforcement can then send a request for information to [email protected] Venmo would then be able to provide user information and cancel my payment. Please please please help me make this right and get my money back.

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