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Maggie –

Victim Location 77098

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My 11-year old dog, Cloud died without warning in April 2015. After grieving his loss for four months, I finally decided to purchase a puppy as a replacement companion. During my search, I stumbled upon a seller’s website, advertising the sale of Samoyed pups.

My BBB, Rip Off, Yelp and other online business searches showed nothing regarding this seller or his online website business. Further, a review of the seller’s website appeared to be legit since he covered all issues to entice potential new pet owners or pet owners who have lost furry companions due to old age, an unexpected illness or an accident to buy puppies from him while issuing alerts to buyers cautioning them to be weary of other Samoyed puppy sellers.

For instance, the seller created and displays a Scam Alert Article on his website to make potential buyers believe he runs an honest business and fights against breeders, who fraud and/or scam buyers. He also discourages potential buyers from sending money to puppy sellers via Western Union or MoneyGram; who can’t provide buyers with their USA bank account information to make payments. But this seller is no different; he hides behind an email address which receives and deposits monies from buyers to purchase puppies directly into his online account.

Further, a friend drove 3-hours to retrieve “Snow” the 10-week old puppy I paid $750.00 for in advance. But upon arriving at the address provided by the seller discovered the address was fraudulent after talking to the elderly male home-owner.

I recommend all buyers seeking to purchase a Samoyed puppy beware of flowery-word websites because some sellers make it a point to fraud and take advantage of unsuspecting buyers. Hopefully, other potential buyers will learn from my mistake and loss.

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