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Allison – Oct 14, 2020

Pet Scammer! Shipping 2 Yorkie pups for $700. NO extra fees so the original owners said, but from the get go the shipping started demanding more money $. Extra charges/fees. I felt like the pups were hostages held for ransom. I felt bullied and prey upon. Under constant stress. I shed many tears, lost lots of sleep worrying about the health and welfare of my pups. I paid $700+1050+1800+1000+780=5330 still NO pups. They wanted another $850. I asked if they could subtract from the refundables they owed me they said no not company policy. After all their demands they wouldn’t help me. Still NO pups. Don’t know what will happen to them.

Mark – Oct 17, 2020

issues resolved

Kristina – Aug 09, 2020

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Me & my partner were looking on looking for a full bred american pitbull, found a ad of 2 puppies available a male and female, we were interested in the female. Texted the contact number stating we were very interested, got a reply the next day asking for our email to provide us with pictures and more details, so we gave email. He sent a email that i will copy and paste here. "Hi,

Thanks for the interest in my puppies. I have two puppies.These small nests are called Nelly and Kelly. The male is called Kelly and the female is called Nelly.My puppies are 14 weeks old. They are healthy, socialized, dewormed and up to date on vaccines. I just relocated because of a job transfer. I moved with my puppies and I have no time to take proper care of the puppies so I have decided to give them out for free adoption. Before we proceed with the adoption, please answer the following questions, I hope you don’t mind.

1.Where are you located?

2.Have you ever owned a dog before?

3.Do you have kids?

4.Are you interested in the male or the female or in both?

Looking Forward."

Than we answered all the questions. "He" said he relocated from Vancouver to Winnipeg, MB due to a job transfer and could no longer take care of the puppies and adopting them out for free we just had to pay the shipping agency directly who was also definitely included in this scam. So than the shipping agency got our contact information from the first scammer and emailed us asking for 500$ for shipping and asking us to pay with moneygram. It was sunday so i called the shipping agency to say we can’t pay moneygram as post office was closed, so they then asked for PayPal payment gave us their information. We stupidly sent the money and they told us to email a screenshot of payment information so we did, THAN they emailed a hour later saying we needed to pay 1,500$ for a better crate for our puppy because the crate apparently wasn’t safe enough and saying they had to give the puppy a anti-pressure vaccine to deworm her and put her in a electronic temperature ventilated cage…BUT the original scammer told us they had a proper crate and already did her up to date vaccines and dewormed her!!…We called the shipping agency asking for a refund and they hung up, now won’t answer the phone calls or emails…There was 2 email contacts involved in contacting and scamming me together…2 phone numbers and 2 websites involved…the ad company posting puppies and the shipping company who ships puppies…

Roger – Oct 17, 2020

if your agen was Martal, he was investigated, charges with extortion and fired from Regional Courer Movers. Be wary, very cautious and aways do a check with BBB for reviews about shipping companies. Scammers will create elaborate fake shipping websites!

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