Klausman Krieg Reviews - Klausman Krieg Scam or Legit

Candice –

Victim Location 70605

Type of a scam Investment

My husband received a letter supposably from Switzerland with a Canadian stamp. The letter is from Klausman Krieg wanting to know if he wanted to divest in some or all of his shares of Black Stallion Oil and Gas (BLKG). He emailed them requesting more information, they asked for his phone number so they could call him and he gave it to them. They called and offered to answer any question he had. He asked why? They said that BLKG was no long able to move foward with their company and they made a buisness deal with Klausman Krieg and they were trying to buy people out of their shares. He then asked how much and they said he would have to sign a non disclosure agreement before they could talk price. They emailed the agreement and he signed it before giving me a chance to look it over. They then called him and offered him an amount per share which equalled to be double our annual salary. He didn’t put very much money into that stock, less than $200. It all seemed very skeptical to me so I tried to look up the company and cannot find any information on them other than their website. They claim to be a billion dollar industry with 14 companies around the world but the only thing on the Internet about them is on their website that after doing some digging I found out was created Nov. 3 2017. My husband is convienced and wants to continue dealing with them and try and get a pay out but I’m convinced this is a scam. Please help!

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