Kiiva Organic Drink Reviews - Kiiva Organic Drink Scam or Legit

Cynthia –

Victim Location 98198

Type of a scam Employment


I’ve received a scam from an energy drink company by the name of “Kiiva”. Below is a copy & paste of the email they’ve sent me.

Please include this in your website to warn others.

How are you doing today, I am glad to inform you that your check for

the KiiVA Energy Drinks vehicle advertisement has been sent by the

Post Office and it will be delivered today in your mailbox. Please be

on the look-out for the check, check your mailbox, front door and ask

your neighbors about it.

The check is made for $1,862.57 which includes your first week payment

of $350, an additional $50 has has been included to have your car

properly washed in preparation for the installation this week.

The remaining $1,462 is for the installer’s payment for installation

and removal of the decals.

The installation has been scheduled for this week and I need you to

proceed and deposit the check in your bank when you get it today.

Email me back when you have deposited it so I can give you further

instructions and work to schedule the installer.



I will send you a follow-up text message and also await your email

when you have received and deposited the check in your bank.

James Rosalin


KiiVA Vehicle Advertisements

On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 10:20 AM, KiiVA Energy Drinks wrote:

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